What is Seduced.AI?

Seduced.AI (aff) is an online AI porn generator. The tool allows users to create erotic images and videos using text prompts or multiple-choice options to bring their sexy fantasy concepts to life. Seduced.AI uses models including Stable Diffusion to create pictures of women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities posing in various ways.

It stands as one of the leading tools of its kind and gives anyone the chance to create sensual and fetish content with either a simple text prompt or a few clicks. It’s suitable for complete novices but also offers advanced features for those with experience at making visual creations with AI.

Seduced.AI boasts a broad, ever-growing range of AI models to design pictures that range from simple cartoons to photorealistic images. Want to make hentai? Something surreal? Insta-worth quality? It’s all here.

One of its highlight features is the face-fixing ‘Girls’ feature. While many AI image tools have consistency issues, this allows you to lock in a face to use for multiple images. It means you can create AI influencers with Seduced.AI – personalities you can use to create stories, social media content and more with the same character.

Example Seduced.AI images

Is Seduced.AI the Best Porn Generator?

Seduced.AI isn’t the only tool of its kind. The list of competitors is constantly growing. In my opinion Midjourney is the best image generator, but they are very restrictive when it comes to even semi-erotic content. You might get lucky with a nipple every now and then, but it’s the wrong tool if you want to make porn.

I have tried a variety of purpose-made AI porn generators since early 2023 including PornPen, Sexy.AI, Made.Porn, Promptchan, PornJourney, Pornderful, Dessi, SoulGen and more. Some of them are good. Some of them have unique features. Some of them make the others look amateur. For what I require of an all-rounder porn generator, Seduced.AI hits the mark for accuracy, quality and speed – the three things I value most.

Your opinion of the best depends on what you are using it for. The tool I use for KDP photobooks is completely different to the one I use for AI influencers. I’m not technical. I don’t want to invest in a higher-spec computer to make nudes. I don’t have a lot of time. I don’t want to spend 10 minutes waiting on one high-quality pic. I just need decent images of sexy women fast. It all leads me back to Seduced.AI.

What Can You Make With Seduced.AI?

Seduced.AI gives you so many options. In the simple version you can click all the options you want and strike gold instantly. After you decide whether you want something realistic, anime or one of many options between, you then have so many more choices to pick through.

Seduced.AI model options

How many characters you do you want? Choose from the below:

  • 1 girl
  • 1 girl, 1 guy
  • 2 girls
  • 2 girls, 2 girls
  • 1 guy

Then move onto hair options, body type, outfit, nationality, environment and then the style of the image.

After that is where the fun begins. There’s a huge list of different extensions based around these categories:

  • Tits (including bimbo, massive, saggy and more)
  • Oral (including POV, deepthroat, gloryhole and more)
  • Ass (including gaping, sideways, grabbing and more)
  • Pussy (including fingering, ruined, rear and more)
  • Penetration (including doggy, cowgirl, anal and more)
  • Interracial (including ebony and more)
  • Slutty (including cum pool, ahegao, gooned, chavs and more)
  • Futanari (including huge cock and more)
  • Group (including double and more)
  • Flashing (including shirt lift and skirt lift)
  • BDSM (including gags and bondage)

And there’s even more including pawg, BBW and oiled.

As a NSFW AI image generator Seduced.AI is ahead of a lot of the competition thanks to the massive range of customization options available. You can make pretty much all you can imagine in its presets and you can always write a text prompt if they don’t quite hit the mark.

Range of the extensions available at Seduced.AI

What Can You Use Seduced.AI Generations For?

Sex sells and you know that. Many people want to explore their fetishes and view AI porn generators as a way to stock up with their own personal supply. You can make that supply for someone. They will pay for it because they can’t get it anywhere else. That’s why I would recommend trying to earn your subscription fee back. The lowest plan is $25 and you can earn that amount back through various means, including:

AI Influencers

Make a personality (or multiple) that you use to share social media content, earn fans and eventually monetize through exclusive content. Creatives will make bank exploring this strategy.

AI Art

If you sign up for Seduced.AI you can now classify yourself as an NSFW AI artist. Go ahead and explore all the avenues that that can entail. Earn commissions from fans by making their fantasies come to life. Alternatively, make assets that can be sold such as e-photobooks.

AI Curation

Showcase different things that can be made with AI image and video generators and make a platform for yourself with it. It’s a longer-term plan but can be combined with the two others to earn money quicker.

What Doesn’t Seduced.AI Do Well?

Seduced.AI is a high-quality porn generator that I would always pick over the competition, but it’s important to touch on the aspects that aren’t quite as effective. No one wants to find out that their dream tool isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after they sign up.  

The best Seduced.AI images place a woman front and centre of a shot. This isn’t good for more abstract images or more adventurous positions. Thankfully they do have a ‘Replicate pose’ feature to address this, but it’s worth bearing in mind if you wanted to go ultra-creative with it.  

While most of my realistic images have come out very well, I get quite a few unusable ones when I try out different styles such as anime. It’s worth considering if that’s what you intended on using it for primarily.

The video creation is pretty choppy right now and although it may improve over time, I would advise that you don’t sign up if that’s what you wanted it for.

Use your free credits to experiment before you sign up to avoid any disappointment.

Seduced.AI Pricing

Seduced.AI (aff) operates with three different pricing tiers depending on your needs. They also offer free credits before you lock into a plan. One standard image is equivalent to 0.9 credits.

All of the tiers give you access to the video creation features. All of the tiers let you use multiple extensions at once. All of them allow you to upscale your images.


Seduced.AI FAQs

Can you use Seduced.AI for free?

Seduced.AI gives you free credits to play with before you decide to sign up for a monthly plan.

Do Seduced.AI generations have watermarks?

All of the images you make on Seduced.AI can be downloaded without any watermarks included.

How many generations can you make with 1 credit on Seduced.AI?

One standard image generation is equal to 0.90 credits on the platform. Videos use 7.50 credits.

Is Seduced.AI good for beginners?

A beginner would flourish with Seduced.AI. The standard way to create an image is simple enough, but it’s made significantly easier with their ‘Discover’ section, where they showcase the best recent generations. You can simply jump into those and use them as the foundation for your own generations.

Can you edit generations on Seduced.AI?

Seduced.AI gives you the ability to ‘edit’ your images afterwards. It means that if you want to modify things like the clothing, level of realism, add and object or change the location you can. You can even swap face to one of your girls, bimoify or undress them too. This uses 0.45 credits as standard.

Can you make futanari porn with Seduced.AI?

Seduced.AI has multiple extensions that let you turn a girl into a futanari or trans woman. If you intend to make futa porn or trans porn pics with realistic looking women then Seduced.AI is definitely for you.

Can Seduced.AI make deepfake porn?

Seduced.AI agrees that deepfake porn is unacceptable. However they do allow users to upload images of themselves to be used as the foundation for your generations. You can effectively deepfake yourself but no one else. This can be helpful for sex workers that want to rapidly build up their assets using their face but without having to actually shoot the content themselves.

Can Seduced.AI make gay porn?

Seduced.AI is able to make images of men, but its speciality is women. It does girls well. And if you want to see that girl enjoying a man, the image will look pretty damn good. But if you are specifically looking for something to make gay porn this definitely isn’t for you.

Can Seduced.AI make different aspect ratio images?

Seduced.AI is able to make images in three standard sizes, which are portrait, horizontal and square.

Are Seduced.AI generations private?

Users on Seduced.AI have the ability to make their generations public or make them private. If you make your generations public on Seduced.AI, you can appear on their Creators section and showcase your best work. You can even earn credits for people that use your girls for their generations.

Example curvy generation at Seduced.AI

Can you upscale images with Seduced.AI?

Yes – Seduced.AI gives you the chance to upscale by up to x3.

Seduced.AI might be in the porn game, but they keep it all clean and above board. Unlike deepfake porn generators, which could end up getting you in trouble in the future, Seduced.AI images are not based on real people. They also prevent you making any content that could land you in problems.

Can you create AI influencers with Seduced.AI?

One of the core features of Seduced.AI is its ability to let you reuse girls over and over again in different positions, situations and outfits. This means that you can definitely use Seduced.AI to make the images for AI influencers to use on Instagram or wherever you plan to use them.

Can you make ebony porn with Seduced.AI?

Yes – black women are one of many ethnicities featured as standard in Seduced.AI. Indian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and many more are covered too.