Introduction: Selling AI Photobooks on KPD

AI is here and it’s not going anywhere. They tried to resist but the technology kept getting better to the point it was so helpful that there’s no going back from it. I would argue that one of the best ways to introduce someone to profitable AI tech use is through self-publishing.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KPD) opens up a world of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs trying to get their feet in the door with this innovative technology. Although Amazon’s thriving publishing hub may be a playground for authors and creatives of all kinds, some of the most promising opportunities exist for those who prompt masters that can create life-like imagery to curate AI-generated photobooks.

In this post I will break down the potential to both profit from and create an actual business based around AI photobooks. This is new territory and KPD welcomes those who are skilled enough to craft visual art into tangible assets that their customers desire.

From unravelling the capabilities of AI in crafting compelling visual narratives to fine-tuning your content for the Kindle platform, we’ll be your guide through the essential steps to bring your AI photobooks to life and turn them into a lucrative venture. Whether you’re a seasoned self-publisher looking to spice up your portfolio or a creative soul eager to ride the tech wave, consider this guide your roadmap to success in the dynamic world of AI photobooks on Kindle Direct Publishing.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s own self-publishing platform. It empowers individuals to publish their creative works – novels, memoirs, cookbooks, research or even a photography collection. KDP provides an easy-access pass into the publishing world and allows you to bring your ideas directly to readers worldwide without the need for a traditional publisher.

So long as you have the manuscript complete, KPD has the tools to bring it to life in paperback, hardback and also ebook form – with no expense to yourself. The platform truly allows you to run your own vanity publishing house from home, distributing whatever content you wish to share with the world. There’s no cost. No financial risk. It’s just a matter of starting.

KDP Account Setup Details Mr AI Pimp
KPD account set up details. Start here

With KPD you have full control over your books’:

  • Format (paperback, hardback, ebook)
  • Price
  • Title
  • Cover
  • Description

The benefits of using KPD vs other platforms is incredible. There isn’t really anything comparable. It’s extremely versatile, offering the ability to update after publication, has unmatched print-on-demand services and its ebook royalties system makes it the most desirable online destination for creatives to showcase their work.

Beyond the financial perks, KDP offers a suite of user-friendly tools and a dashboard that lets you monitor your book’s performance.

KDP breaks down all barriers to traditional publishing, allowing anyone with a story to tell or a message to share to navigate the literary landscape with ease and independence.

What Kinds of Books Can You Publish With KPD?

KDP offers complete flexibility for creatives to share their passions and interests through the platform. All of the following are possible on the platform:


  • Novels across genres such as romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction
  • Short stories and anthologies
  • Experimental fiction and genre-blending works


  • Self-help and personal development books
  • Business guides and entrepreneurship resources
  • Memoirs and autobiographies
  • Educational materials and textbooks
  • Historical accounts and biographies

Niche Publications:

  • Cookbooks and culinary guides
  • Graphic novels and comics
  • Poetry collections and anthologies
  • Children’s books and illustrated stories
  • Specialized content targeting specific audiences

Educational and Reference Materials:

  • Textbooks for various subjects and academic levels
  • How-to guides and instructional manuals
  • Reference books and encyclopedias
  • Study guides and workbooks

Specialized Genres:

  • Travel guides and adventure narratives
  • Health and wellness publications
  • Science and nature exploration books
  • Philosophy and spirituality works
  • True crime and investigative journalism

Hybrid and Experimental Works:

  • Multimedia-enhanced books with audio, video, or interactive elements.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure-style narratives.
  • Collaborative or co-authored projects.
  • Unique and experimental storytelling formats.

Given the abundance of options, it’s crucial to concentrate on a specific strategy that has demonstrated success. If you see KPD as your future, I recommend you prioritize AI photobooks.

What Are AI Photobooks?

AI image generators are now capable of creating pictures that are indistinguishable from reality. Put a real photo and a well-promoted AI image beside one another and the average person would not be able to tell the two apart. However, what sets AI apart is that it can make literally any scenario possible.

Photobooks of the most incredible, unbelievable events can be collated into a single publication – all by yourself. AI photobooks are redefining the traditional concept of photo albums. They can be surreal. They can indulge in fantasy. They can distort what we know to be true.

The global reach of KDP is a gift for AI photobook creators. Synthographers can effortlessly share their work with audiences worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting with those who appreciate their artistic vision. The international distribution network of Amazon ensures that photobooks reach the hands (or Kindle’s) of enthusiasts everywhere, offering exposure to diverse markets and expanding the potential for recognition and sales.

Financially, KDP provides an attractive proposition for AI photobook creators. The ability to earn competitive royalties, coupled with the option to set pricing independently, empowers AI photographers to monetize their passion effectively and generate income passively in the process.

So what’s your first AI photobook going to be about? Before you go off and make your won, let me tell you how I spent most of 2023.

My Experience With AI Photobooks

Early in 2023 I saw massive improvements in the quality of AI image generation and turned to a platform I had tried but hadn’t fully explored – KPD. Within a handful of Amazon searches I was overwhelmed by what had already begun. People were using AI generators to make ebooks and paperbacks filled with art, AI photography and more creations to profit from KDP’s generous royalties offering and the novelty of AI imagery.

I jumped in, focused on a particular niche and made KPD one of my main priorities after I made my first sale. KDP is notoriously difficult for newcomers. Many write the most incredible work but have their books swallowed up by experienced authors within their chosen category.

My books didn’t have that problem. My first book made a sale because I luckily entered into a niche that others shy away from, a niche that others deem too risky, too taboo and potentially even likely to get your account shut down. 

My first sales were enough to ignore the warnings. I continued on and after I figured out a simple structure, template and workflow I was unstoppable.

That early ripple of KPD AI image books turned into a wave as my own self-publishing journey was in full swing and others had caught onto the trend. Synthographers across the world – particularly Japan – had all joined in on the action and were publishing in my niche too.

In September Amazon put new rules in place – all AI in books had to be declared before publishing and all KPD users were limited to submit three publications per day. The declaration was irrelevant but the latter slowed down production. Despite this I continued on and added more and more books to my digital bookshelf daily.

But what kind of AI photobooks was I publishing? What was my niche? I’m going to be 100% open and transparent. I was publishing nude AI photobooks. All my books were filled with naked women. But you know what? There was a demand, I filled it and I got the rewards to go along with it.

Example AI Erotic Photobook on KDP
Example nude AI photobook on KDP

It takes 60 days to receive a royalty payment from KPD but my first was over $100. Every month after it increased as my portfolio swelled. Eventually I 10Xed it, but the story has an unfortunate ending. I will explain more later, but I must stress that I’m only sharing my background because I truly have first-hand experience at this.

Nude AI Photobooks

Should You Publish Nude AI Photobooks On KPD?

NSFW AI art is on the rise and those creating it have a platform to turn their hobby into a business. If you choose to use AI to make nudes, you need to be aware that KDP is easily one of the best places to publish that art and receive instant rewards for doing so.

Really – the only fight is within yourself. So long as you are over the age of 18, aren’t scared of a little nudity and can keep focused, this is right for you. Are you willing to explore your own fantasies? Are you to focus and keep your mind on the money while you dangle temptation in your own face? Those are the only things stopping you in your path. 

Can KDP Beginners Make Nude AI photobooks?

Yes. If you don’t currently create art in any format, I can’t stress how simple it is to create these photobooks. The tools required are minimal and all the ones I use are beginner-friendly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to KPD, AI image generation or ebooks in general – none of this is technical at all. Of course people with more experience with graphic design suites, self-publishing and synthography will find this a bit easier, but for a complete novice you can actually start earning money quickly using the exact method that I fell into.

I was a beginner before I did this. I didn’t realise just how lucky I got when I stumbled into this particular niche and started getting sales as soon as I made my first books. I made a template that anyone can follow and get their very first photobooks live.  

Are Nude Photobooks Allowed on KPD?

It’s complicated.

KPD maintains strict guidelines regarding adult content. It’s Amazon after all. These guidelines are in place to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all of its global users. While there may be thousands of erotica titles on Amazon and even real life erotic photography on there, those publishing content that falls within the adult or explicit category must adhere to KDP’s policies, which prohibit the inclusion of offensive material that may be considered sexually explicit, pornographic, or offensive in nature. This includes, but is not limited to, explicit sexual content, graphic depictions of violence, and any material that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive.

When you submit a book for approval, there’s a content reviewal process. You work will be viewed by a member their team and if they deem that the guidelines have been broken, there are serious, unforgiving repercussions. (Again, I have real experience).

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the removal of the content from the platform or even the suspension of the author’s KDP account. Repeated offenders will lose all the privileges that come with having access to the world’s best self-publishing platform as they will terminate your account and prevent you from making a new one in the future.

KDP has a definite line as to what they deem appropriate and what is not. They do not publicly disclose it, but I have the emails in my inbox to define what they will not tolerate. 

How Do You Make Nude AI Photobooks?

It’s an easy process, but I would say that because I have gone through this process several hundred times. However I’m sure even someone with limited knowledge of the following would be able to pick this up quickly.

This is my format, but it can be adapted in many different ways to suit your particular sub-niche more effectively:

1. Create your images

Go to your AI image generator of choice and get creating portrait images. I use Seduced.AI (aff) because of the quality of its outputs, but there are others. 

Example Nude Photo Creation on Seduced.AI
Example photo creation on Seduced.AI

Ideally you require over 30 images, but make as many as you think someone is willing to view. Remember – as well as book and ebook sales, KDP pays you royalties of every single ebook page read, so try to maximize how many pages get read once they open your book.

Of course you want them to read 10,000 pages, but it’s not realistic. 40 might be too short. If your images aren’t inspiring 40 might actually be too long. If you have good quality images with a nice variety and great sequencing, 500 might even be your sweet spot.

For starters, start low and build up and experiment over time.

2. Make the manuscript

Go to Canva and create a 1600px x 2560px canvas. Upload one of your images and fill the page with it. Then make a new page and repeat the process for the full book.

Optional tip: create a copyright page as page 1 and have the final page including a call to action to seek more of your books (even if you haven’t done any yet).

Download the full manuscript as a PDF print file.

3. Make a cover

Go to Canva and find a book cover template. Use and adapt one to fit your book. Add a title on it and include an image. Note: although nudes are allowed on the cover, it’s safest to add a clothed image on the cover.

Download as a jpg file.

Mr. AI Pimp Photobook Cover Example
Example nude AI photobook cover

4. Make a kpf file

Go to Kindle Create, preview your manuscript and export your manuscript PDF as a kpf file.

5. Publish on KPD

If you haven’t already – set up your account. After that you need to get your very first book on your bookshelf. There are a number of different steps involved in this, including the title, subtitle, author, description, keywords and pricing but those require whole posts of their own. My advice for now is to look on Amazon for similar books and follow their lead.

To summarise: choose a compelling title that captures attention, communicates the essence, and entices potential readers. Think about keywords within the title, subtitle and description to maximize exposure and know that strategically pricing your ebook at an affordable rate can drive increased sales. Consider the long-term when choosing an author name, as you may stick with it for years to come. A budget-friendly price appeals to a broader audience, fostering accessibility and enticing more readers to explore your work.

Another big thing – be upfront about the AI usage. During the publishing process the KPD form will prompt you to declare any AI. It’s advised to also include it in the title so customers aren’t misled into thinking they are buying something other than what it actually is.  

“We require you to inform us of AI-generated content (text, images, or translations) when you publish a new book or make edits to and republish an existing book through KDP. AI-generated images include cover and interior images and artwork. You are not required to disclose AI-assisted content. We distinguish between AI-generated and AI-assisted content as follows:

  • AI-generated: We define AI-generated content as text, images, or translations created by an AI-based tool. If you used an AI-based tool to create the actual content (whether text, images, or translations), it is considered “AI-generated,” even if you applied substantial edits afterwards.
  • AI-assisted: If you created the content yourself, and used AI-based tools to edit, refine, error-check, or otherwise improve that content (whether text or images), then it is considered “AI-assisted” and not “AI-generated.” Similarly, if you used an AI-based tool to brainstorm and generate ideas, but ultimately created the text or images yourself, this is also considered “AI-assisted” and not “AI-generated.” It is not necessary to inform us of the use of such tools or processes.”
Amazon’s content guidelines (2024)

Steps to Making Money Selling Photobooks on KPD

You want to earn passive income from KPD, so follow my lead. These are the vital steps you need to take to begin your journey.

  • Find a suitable AI generator
  • Decide on your author name or publishing brand
  • Make a KPD account
  • Create a standardized book template
  • Explore keyword research
  • Keep expanding your portfolio

Shortcut: get my KPD Passive Income Starter Kit.

KPD Alternatives for NSFW Photobooks

There are a few KPD alternatives – platforms that allow you to earn royalties on ebooks. However, most of them are unlikely to accept NSFW photobooks.

Google Play

The content guidelines state: “We allow sexually explicit content and images of nudity with educational, artistic, historical, or documentary value.” While you will find erotic AI photobooks on there, these restrictions make it especially difficult to publish NSFW content at scale.

Apple Books

While the content guidelines don’t even touch on the subject, the lack of erotic content in their catalog suggests it’s not welcome on the platform.


This is a complete no-go. Kobo allows erotica but specifically states that erotic photography titles are no longer accepted.

FAQs About Selling NSFW AI Photobooks On KDP?

Can you sell nude photobooks on KDP?

Yes, but within reason. Please consult the content guidelines.

How much should a nude AI photobook be on KPD?

As low as possible. Porn is free. Porn on Kindle has a novelty factor to it, but the market rate for a 40-page nude photobook is $2.99. There are plenty of 100-page nude AI photobooks also priced at $2.99 too. Price too high and you simply won’t get enough sales.

Can you be terminated for selling NSFW art on KPD?

Yes, provided you go beyond their content guidelines. If you are unsure about what you have made, ask me and I can check it. You don’t want your account to be terminated.

How do you know if your photobook will be accepted?

Message me – I will review it before you have to face Amazon’s strict content approval team, who may terminate your account.

How much money can you earn publishing photobooks on KPD?

Your royalty payments will depend on how successful your books are. Each month the exact amount varies, but it’s very generous considering there isn’t an alternative.

KDP Royalties Breakdown Mr AI Pimp

Most beginners make no money because they don’t know what they’re doing. I didn’t know what I was doing and I got lucky and made over $100 in my first month and worked my way up to earn thousands per month. Skip all the competition and literally take one of my books here.